Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So as the NBA season begins in another week...I started wondering how long I have been a Jazz fan...? Ever since I was 8 years old - I can't remember not watching a game on TV or listening to it on the radio. OK so I've missed a few. Maybe as many as John Stockton did his entire career. So this being my 22nd season following every minute of every game - then I miss maybe 1 game a year on average. In those 22 years - I have only known 2 Era's. First era being Stockton to Malone and second era being Williams to Boozer.
After that popped into my head I started thinking which era is more entertaining to watch? Which era was better fundamentally and played better as a team? And most importantly, which era do you believe in more to make a strong playoff push?

So here we go...

Point Guards (John Stockton Vs. Deron Williams)

My Pick - John Stockton
I love Deron Williams - but I've had Stockton for 19 years and noting is going to change my man crush....EVER! He was the most unselfish, smartest, fundamentally sound, best passer, best picker ever to play the game. All time steals leader! All time assists leader! Sorry everyone - John Stockton is one of the best - underated players in NBA history.

Shooting Guards (Horny or all others combined)

My Pick - Hornacek
Besides the center position this has been the Jazz' weakness for as long as I can remember! They have decent players fill the role over the years - but never anyone as dependable or as accurate a shooter as old Horny. The Jazz were a mediocre title contender until horny got here. Then they became legitamit threats to win it all. Sorry Jeff Malone, Sorry Bobby Hansen, Sorry Ronnie Brewer, Sorry Ashton Kutcher (Kyle Korver). You'll never be horny.

Small Forward (Thurl Big T Bailey vs AK-47)

My Pick - Tie
Thurl Bailey was the ultimate team player. He wasn't a huge threat on the offensive side of the ball. He wasn't an all team defensive player either. But he was an all-around good player. Andrei Kirilenko - as we've all witnessed the past 2 seasons isn't what you'd call a dead eye shooter. He can be a good offensive player when he buys into the team concept. He used to be a defensive threat until recently he started worrying too much about his jump shot or lack thereof. Both of these guys make their teams better and sometimes make their team worse. To me it's a toss up.

Power Forward (Karl Malone vs Booooooooooozer)

My Pick - Mailman

Carlos Boozer's good! He might be really, really good if John Stockton was passing into the low post - but he'll never be as good or dominant as Karl Malone was. We all know Karl Malone couldn't deliver in the playoffs - and either can Boozer. But Karl Malone could deliver all season - every season 18 years in a row! Malone improved his game more and more every year. Boozer up to this point has not. Sorry Booz - Not only do you have huge EYE BUSHES but you come in 2nd to the best power forward to ever play the game.

Center (Mark Eaton Vs Memo Okur)

My Pick - Tie

Memo can hit the 3 - but can't play D. Mark could play D and not come close to hitting a 3. They both give up a ton of 3 point plays when fouling. Eaton because he was too slow and Memo because he's soft. But both are valuable to their era's teams. Big Mark in the middle and the money man on the perimeter. This one is a tie to me.

Bench (Old Vs. New)

My Pick - New

I think the Jazz have their best starting five right now from top to bottom. Starting five. I think during the years they went to Finals back to back they had their best bench. But if you put todays players coming off the bench on the old Jazz team - we probably win 2 or more championships!

Coach (Old Vs. New)

Oh wait...Never mind!

Final Totals - Old 3 to New 1