Thursday, July 24, 2008

Homemade Lemincello

OK - So today I'm going to start a long process of producing homemade Lemincello. Lemincello is is a bright yellow, sweet and lemony liqueur made famous in Southern Italy and Sicily (which is the home of my ancestors). It is commonly served as an after dinner drink because of its sweet flavor. It's not sour because it contains no lemon juice. It is made from Lemon Rinds (peels to the later folk), ever clear, water, & sugar. However, it takes 5 long weeks to produce a nice batch. Follow these simple steps and you shall be known forever as the pizano!
Step #1 - Buy 2 Bottles of ever clear (750 ml per bottle) & 15-20 fresh (organic if possible) lemons. You will also need to track down a nice big container with a secure lid. I use an Iced Tea jug thing. If you don't have sugar on hand - buy enough sugar for 4 cups. You will also need some cool looking bottles to put the final product in. It is best if your store the final product in your freezer - so find bottles that will accommodate.

Step #2 - Peel the Rinds from the lemons. You must get all the white stuff of the peels or your lemincello will be bitter. Once the rinds are off the lemons you can rinse them in water and put in the large iced tea container.

Step #3 - Put 4 cups of ever clear in with the rinds of the lemons - which should be in the iced tea jug. Tighten lid and swoosh around to make sure the rinds are mostly submerged in the alcohol. Store the jug in cool (room temp), dry, and dark place for 2 weeks. Every 2-3 days swoosh the liquid around to make sure all the rinds are getting their fair share of drowning in the alcohol.

After you let the rinds and the ever clear sit in your iced tea jug, and has been in the dark, is dry, and has been at room temp for 2 weeks and shook up every couple of days. Then go to step #4

Step #4 - Bring 5 cups of cold water to a boil! Add 4 cups of sugar to the boiling water and turn off the stove off! Stir the sugar for a couple minutes until you know it has disolved. Let sit until it becomes luke warm or cooler. While the sugar water is cooling - you can get a strainer out and strainer your lemon rinds. IMPORTANT - discard the lemon rinds and keep the liquid. Transfer the liquid (ever clear) back into the large icead tea jug.

Step #5 - Once your sugar water is cooled add it to the ever clear liquid. Swoosh it around really well for a couple of minutes to make sure it mixes up nice. Then put it back in a cool (room temp), dry, dark place for another 2 weeks. Again, every 2-3 days mix it up a little bit.

Step #6 - After the 2 weeks is up - Re-bottle it in to little cool bottles that will fit in your freezer! Don't forget to share with the neighbors, your friends, and family! It is best right out of the freezer! Some people enjoy a little splash of Lemincello in their chardonay or champagne.

And remember - don't share this recipe with anyone else! Stay tuned for your culinary lesson on how to make homemade Grappa next time!

Montana Summer Trip 2008!

Jackie and Camden headed out to Montana in early July for a week! It was a much needed getaway for Jackie and it was a great opportunity for Camden to spend time with his cousins (Ali & Logan) who live in Des Moines, IA.

It was also the first time Jackie's Aunt & Uncle (Alan & Jamie) were able to meet Camden in person. They were able to spend a few hours together in Grand Forks, ND

Logan (Left) and Camden (Right) are exactly 1 week apart in age. Logan was born on Friday January 12th, 2007 & Camden was born on January 19th, 2007.

Jackie's brother Ryan explaining to Logan (left), Camden (middle), and Ali (right) how good Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers are.

Fun at the pool!

We took a little trip up to the Roy Swimming complex to meet some family and friends! We were actually quite surprised at the cleanliness and strict rules the complex has. They make all kids under 4 yrs. old wear swim diapers and you have to come the diapers up with a plastic liner. So you get double protection against "floaters" if you know what I mean. Camden
had a blast playing and swimming! Jackie was too chicken to go down the steep slide and too tough to go down the swirly slide. Watch out for her...She's an animal when it comes to adventure! I went down the steep slide and did a few old school cannon balls into the diving pool! I thought for sure my 2nd cannon ball was going to get me some praise from the crowd...But when I surfaced all excited to hear all the ooo's and oooh's nobody even seemed to notice that I just took a ton of pain for nothing! At least they weren't laughing!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Get reaquainted with Pearl Jam!

As most of you know I'm THE BIGGEST Pearl Jam fan in Utah, if not the World. I always feel that I'm the only one who still seems to be a Grunge lover...? However, every concert I've been to seems to be sold out. So am I?

Anyways, I wanted to offer you some advice. Revisit the Pearl Jam catalog and find out why Pearl Jam is considered to be one of the greatest bands of all time.

  • Ten - Debut and one of the Top 100 albums of all-time
  • VS - Sold 1 Million copies in 5 days!
  • Vitalogy - Dark and angry - Probably their best ever!
  • No Code - Experimental album - but soft and mellow - Very, Very good!
  • Yield - Probably their 2nd best album!
  • Binaural - Very solid from start to finish!
  • Riot Act - Not my favorite - very political oriented album!
  • Self Titled - Brought them back to mainstream - Very good songs!

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!